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If your garage door is beyond repair, we offer a wide variety of garage door replacement services in Riverside. Our vast selection of automatic and manual doors makes it easy to choose an option that works for your home. Because we stock most parts required for your door in our Rialto warehouse, we can perform repairs as needed without extensive wait times. Our doors are guaranteed to work well, and our highly experienced technicians are trained in proper installation methods as well as aesthetic balancing. We will be happy to help you choose a door that not only meets the practical needs of your home but fits in well with its overall design. Doors are often the first thing people notice when coming to your home, so having one that looks attractive as well as serves its practical purpose is important.

In addition to replacing and installing new doors, we also offer comprehensive maintenance services. Call Golden State Door for fast and effective service in the event that your door is damaged or malfunctions in any way. Weather is a common cause of damage for garages, from power shortages in an automatic door to physical damage on the exterior. We are equipped to handle these repairs as well as provide general maintenance to keep your door functioning properly. Many homeowners overlook the importance of performing routine maintenance to ensure that a garage door raises and lowers smoothly and that any electronic equipment is functioning properly. A regular maintenance call can extend the lifetime of your door and prevent costlier repair bills later on as small problems tend to become larger ones over time.

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